This web page was produced as an assignment for Genetics 677, an undergraduate course at UW-Madison.


Homology and Alignment

Gene homologs of HLA-DQA1

Homologous genes are those that are derived from a common ancestor, and may have evolved independently  from one another in various species.  I used Homologene to identify homologs of the HLA-DQA1 gene in different organisms.  This resource was very easy to use and also provided a link to the individual protein and DNA sequences in Entrez for each organism.  While HLA-DQA1 was found to have a few homologs in different species,  I specifically chose to highlight the chimpanzee, dog, mouse, and rat.

Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee)
Gene name: HLA-DQA1
Accession number: NC_006473.2

Canis lupus familiaris (domestic dog)
Gene name: HLA-DQA1
Accession number: NC_006594.2

Mus musculus  (mouse)
Gene name: H2-Aa
Accession number: NC_000083.5

Rattus norvegicus  (rat)
Gene name: RT1-Ba
Accession number: NC_005119.2

Homolog gene sequences

The file below shows the Homo sapiens gene sequence compared with gene sequences of the 4 homologs.
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Gene Alignments

Due to the length of the sequence, MUSLCE was the only program able to produce an alignment of the HLA-DQA1 gene sequence. 
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